Brookhaus Essentials: Your Online Concierge 

Homeopathic Consults, Resonant Healing and Process Healing so you can BE you. 


Michele Brookhaus, RSHom(NA), CCH

Life is supposed to be FUN. We are meant to enjoy ourselves and engage our senses. All of them. We are meant to move and be free. Free to create our lives the way that we want them. 

But sometimes that just isn’t the case. Sometimes we get stuck. 

When we are out of wack in one way or another our bodies give us symptoms. Aches and pains. Diagnoses. Sometimes we feel stuck. Mentally or Emotionally. 


So we use tools. My tools are Homeopathy, Resonance Healing, and Process Healing. I love them all. These modalities have been blended into my practice in a way that they work well together. Some clients utilize only one. Others utilize them all. 


My practice has evolved over the last 20 years as I have evolved. I consider Homeopathy energy medicine. Resonance Healing is also energetic. Process Healing helps us change our minds, which is often our biggest obstacle.


Each of us has an innate ability to heal. Our bodies are designed to generate and regenerate cells until we die. But we are not just the cells, the organs, the bones in our body, there is an innate vitality that we all possess. We, homeopaths, call it our “vital force”. It is this vital force with the symptoms the body expresses that homeopathy addresses. And it addresses it through the main principles of “like cures like”.

What symptoms does your body want to address? 


Expanding energy out we become connected to all possibilities. Possibilities for healing, emotional integration, a raised vibrational frequency. Connections are energetically made with our own perfect blueprint for what our body and perhaps soul seeks. Expect a shift in symptoms and a feeling of well being.


Based on the work of Garry A. Flint, this process is a rapid and efficient means to problem solve and treat thoughts and behaviors that keep us stuck. It integrates anxieties, fear, sadness, and other painful memories so that we are free to make choices more supportive to our lives and wellbeing.

I Know How I Serve

I Know How I Serve ~ 20x16

I Love Money, Money Loves Me

I Love Money, Money Loves Me ~ 16x20

I Choose The Completion Of My Desire

I Choose The Completion Of My Desire ~ 16x20

I Am Free

I Am Free ~ 18x24

I Ground

"I Ground" ~ 12x12

I Release, I Let Go

I Release, I Let Go ~ 12x12

I Dream

I Dream ~ 12x12

I am Light

I am Light ~ 12x12

I Dance.

I Dance ~ 12x12