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Each of us has an innate ability to heal. Our bodies are designed to generate and regenerate cells until we die. But we are not just the cells, the organs, the bones in our body, there is an innate vitality we all possess. We, homeopaths, call it a “vital force”.. It is this vital force and the symptoms the body expresses that homeopathy addresses. And it addresses it through the main principles of “like cures like”. 


Hippocrates (460-377 BC), the ‘Father of Medicine’, said, “By similar things a disease is produced and through the application of the like is cured”. 


Hahnemann took this study further with his discovery of homeopathy, a name he coined. He determined that substances (plant, mineral, animal), diluted, and potentized cause symptoms in the body that when given to a body with similar symptoms cause the body to move towards health and healing. 


A homeopathic intake allows you to unravel the threads of your story that brought you to where you be now. We each have susceptibilities. We each have traumas. We each have fears and feelings that we hold, even if unconsciously. Telling that story is the first step in unwinding the symptoms your body and mind express. Finding a remedy that meets you in that telling is the next step for your homeopath. 


Is it time to find your inner knowing to health?

What symptoms can Homeopathy address?

Head pain, Nausea, hot flashes, skin eruptions, painful periods, painful joints, pain of any kind, anxiety, depression

Whatever your body throws at you is a clue.

Finding a remedy is kind of like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Everyone is different, and all the pieces go together differently for each of us.


Expanding energy out we become connected to all possibilities. Possibilities for healing, emotional integration, a raised vibrational frequency. Connections are energetically made with our own perfect blueprint for what our body and perhaps soul seeks. Expect a shift in symptoms and a feeling of well being.

Alternatively, receive a healing and have it painted for you and sent to you so that you can be in the energy of the treatment. The painting is made for you based on what Michele sees in the treatment. 


Based on the work of Garry A. Flint, this process is a rapid and efficient means to problem solve and treat thoughts and behaviors that keep us stuck. It integrates anxieties, fear, sadness, and other painful memories so that we are free to make choices more supportive to our lives and wellbeing.