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Homeopathy And The Yoniverse

Take A Deep Dive Into Your Yoniverse.

Homeopathy has much to offer the feminine and all that we have going on. Hormones, hot flashes, and heavy bleeding are a glimpse into the story our body is telling us if we would only listen. It's no longer an option to not listen. Our bodies are on this journey with us. Stuffing emotions, enduring abuse or trauma, ignoring pain, none of these will do anymore. Over time a groove gets going. That groove shows up as symptoms. Pain, depression, constipation. These symptoms are clues.

Wouldn't it be nice to have someone listen to it all? Start to unwind the threads of the story your body is trying to tell.

Wouldn't it be nice to find space in your body? To be able to take a deep breath and relax into your body.

Process Healing is a different kind of deep dive. This is a deep dive into the subconscious mind. What are the beliefs, thought structures, and loops that keep us stuck? We may have no idea what they are. But the super conscious knows and can help us to get at those memories that we may have no idea are holding us back. Process Healing can be cathartic and is always fascinating. Our brains are amazing, and the connections we make can almost never be guessed and sometimes comprehended. A completed session again allows more space to make a new decision and with that new decision a new outcome. Exciting stuff!

This intensive includes an initial 2-hour Homeopathic intake, 2 Process Healing sessions, and a Homeopathic follow-up.

This deep dive may be for you if you:

Are experiencing any of these physical symptoms

  • Chronic pain when urinating

  • Dry Vagina

  • Menstrual pain /PMS

  • Heavy bleeding and/or clotting

  • Unbalanced hormones

  • Vaginal pain or sensitivity

  • Chronic constipation

  • Women’s cancers - breast and uterus and ovaries (Cancer is a dis-ease of suppression)

  • Muscular or Skeletal pain

  • Headaches

  • Back pain

Have any of these emotional symptoms

  • Anger or irritability towards self, kids or other.

  • Weepiness

  • Apathy or Numbness

  • Blocked

  • Sensually or sexually lifeless

  • On an emotional roller coaster

But what are the Benefits?

  • Hormones balance

  • Moods improve

  • Health challenges or symptoms improve or resolve

  • More energy

  • Better sleep

  • More headspace

You may even feel:

  • More sensual, sexy, alive

  • More connected to self

  • Freer in your body and in your life

  • More in touch with pleasure

If this program is for you, or you think it might be give me a call and we can discuss it.

Price: $797

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